When I ran for U.S. Senate in 2012, I said that we need leaders who will make tough decisions and push for meaningful reforms. I still believe that now more than ever.

Our national debt is more than $21 billion. Our financial obligations compound that to astronomical levels. The nondiscretionary spending curve gets steeper and steeper. Federal regulations are crippling our small businesses. Health care premiums are skyrocketing. And we can’t afford to continue down this risky path that Tammy Baldwin, Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren want to lead us down.

Leah Vukmir has proven that she has the backbone and resolve to make a real difference in Wisconsin. That is why I choose her for U.S. Senate.

A true citizen legislator, nurse and mom with an Army Ranger son, Leah has a list of wins that is impressive. She stood with Gov. Walker to turn our $3.6 billion deficit into a surplus and give Wisconsinites more than $8 billion in tax relief. Despite death threats, Leah weathered the Act 10 protests and supported critical collective bargaining reforms. She championed Government Accountability Board reform and prevailing wage repeal and pushed for free-market initiatives, like the repeal of the minimum markup — even when they weren’t popular with entrenched special interests.

I’m not a gambling man — especially when the stakes are so high for Wisconsin families. In my business and as I invest, I thoroughly research all my options before I make a decision. I know what Leah’s done, and I know what she will do. As they say, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Leah will continually work to get government out of the way and bring power back to the states, the way the founders intended it to be.

I trust Leah, but I can’t say the same of her primary opponent. While she was making a real difference, where was he? We didn’t hear of his conservativism until he decided to run for Senate, and I have far too many unanswered questions to say he’s the answer for America’s problems.

When Leah gets to the U.S. Senate, she’ll be a force to be reckoned with. She’ll passionately advocate for Wisconsinites to ensure that their constitutional rights are upheld and let free markets work to bring costs down and improve products and services for consumers.

I don’t believe in seeking office because you are interested in the pursuit of a title, which is exactly why I’m supporting Leah. At her core, Leah is in this fight for the right reasons. She has fought tirelessly for the conservative beliefs she holds dear. Career politicians sit on their hands, they forget what matters most, and time and time again Leah has demonstrated the tenacity that’s required to enact conservative policy. Leah Vukmir is fighter, and she is exactly what Wisconsin needs to take out Tammy Baldwin.

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Please join me in supporting Leah, a conservative we can trust, for U.S. Senate.

Eric Hovde is the CEO of Hovde Properties and was a candidate in the 2012 race for U.S. Senate.

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