Women’s health advocates found Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s latest campaign ad, in which he claimed that his policies restricting abortion access were intended to protect the health and safety of women, to be pretty nonsensical.

But perhaps not as nonsensical as “A brownie is a pretend house that I sniffed.”

Madison comedian and music teacher Brandon Jensen made a “bad lip-reading” version of the ad, in which he recorded his own voice track featuring nonsense words that match up with the governor’s mouth movements.

For example, Walker’s original statement “There’s no doubt in my mind, the decision of whether or not to end a pregnancy is an agonizing one” becomes “There’s no doubt in my mind, if there’s a wonderland that I see someplace, that it’s Alice that’s in Wonderland.”

The video posted on YouTube on Monday.

Jensen said he was inspired by other “bad lip-reading videos” on YouTube that put gibberish in the mouth of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, even “The Hunger Games.”

He first saw Walker’s original ad, called “Decision,” while at the gym.

“I was working out on an elliptical and I saw it on the big-screen TV,” Jensen said. “I couldn’t hear it, but I could tell the message was a little ambiguous. I figured I’d try making a video, since it was already kind of nonsensical.”

Jensen watched the campaign ad over and over in five-second chunks, recording syllables that seemed to match Walker’s lips.

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“I purposefully didn’t listen to the original, just so I could think of words that weren’t anything like that,” he said. “I just watched his mouth moving and tried to pick out key words that it looked like he might be saying, and then filled in the gaps in between.”

Jensen originally shared the video with friends on Facebook, and then decided to post it on YouTube for all to see.

“I think those videos are really fun,” he said. “If people end up receiving it pretty well, I’d like to try it again.”

So watch your words, Mary Burke.

Rob Thomas is the features editor and social media editor for the Capital Times, as well as its film critic. He joined the Cap Times in 1999 and has written about movies, music, food and books.