Dear Editor: In the media every day, and out of the mouths of individuals running for office, we hear that we need to be more responsible with money. Yet the corporations who are regarded as “people” show no restraint from throwing unconscionable amounts of money at candidates who will advance their cause: more profits and higher compensation for their CEOs and stockholders.

These same “people” do not seem to feel much responsibility for providing their employees (who have helped them to make enormous profits) with raises, health insurance and retirement benefits. Nor does it appear that employees have much influence about how the company assets are being utilized.

There seems to be ample money in this country despite what our congressional members/candidates tout; it is just being spent in ways that concern me. For example, it is appalling to me that corporations can make ghastly amounts of political contributions to the candidate of their choice. It has been documented repeatedly that political candidates who are the recipients of such campaign donations end up pushing legislation that will advance the financial interests of those corporations.

I urge everyone to research issues and candidates. Demand to know their stance on issues and who are their major campaign contributors. We need to make it clear to those representing us that we do not consider corporations “people” and that money is not free speech.

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Vicky Daubert