Dear Editor: K12 Inc., a virtual education corporation receiving public funds, pays its CEO millions despite the poor performance of its students. Wisconsin’s Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Dale Kooyenga, authors of the plan to privatize Milwaukee Public Schools, must approve this theft of the public trust. They believe in education-for-profit.

They believe that a political appointee, unelected and unaccountable, should decide which Milwaukee schools to close and when to close them. That appointee will then determine which education-for-profit corporation will receive millions in public funds to line their executives' pockets. Darling and Kooyenga apparently believe this is moral and right. They will use their power to make it happen, because they believe they have the right to do so.

What do they believe is immoral? Poverty. They apparently believe the poor just don't try hard enough.

What do they believe is wrong? Anything with "public" as part of its name.

Why do they believe they have the right to force this decision on Milwaukee? Milwaukee’s parents are mostly people of color, many working low-wage jobs or unemployed and living in deteriorating and dangerous neighborhoods. Darling and Kooyenga are wealthy, white, successful and suburban. They are textbook overseers who see the potential for morphing a city into a profitable plantation.

They’ll come for the poorer rural schools next. Because they can.

Sheila Plotkin

Mc Farland

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