Dear Editor: Thanks for the Oct. 10 Cap Times cover story on animals used in research.

University of California-San Diego professor of neuroscience and pathology Lawrence Hansen said it best: Where’s the line and who gets to set it? Obviously there are some lines — we don’t use human subjects anymore for invasive research methods. But unfortunately, those who get to set the line are deeply invested in animal research. To UW researcher Peter Lipton: Yes, it’s hard to have your research criticized when it’s within the law. You say use the democratic process.

But guess what — we are! All great social changes are preceded by citizen action before the changes in the law. Think about the marches (and jails and forced feeding) that preceded women’s suffrage, the underground railroad before slavery laws were changed. For those of us who oppose using animals, we use citizen action to inform and persuade the public in anticipation that the laws will eventually change.

Karen Carlson

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