I began experiencing adverse health symptoms (that I never had before) immediately after installation of a water "smart meter." My symptoms included: headache (rapid vibration of temple veins); painful eye, and "prickling" nasal sensations; body temperature and blood pressure increases; shortness of breath; nausea and dizziness; fluctuating heartbeat; and ultimately, a seizure causing loss of control of my legs.

Two months prior to these symptoms, I had an annual medical exam and was given a clean bill of health. After my seizure, I had the following tests: thyroid evaluation, EEG, eye exam, and MRI. I experienced temple and eye sensations near the end of the MRI. I was again given a clean bill of health.

Our bioelectric nature has been known since the late 1700s, when Galvani showed that nerves transmit signals via "electricity." We are electromagnetic beings, and it has been shown scientifically that external electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affect our nervous system. One example: TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) uses external electromagnetic pulses to the brain for treating neurological disorders.

Early onset Alzheimer's and Parkinson's cases are increasing, as are cases of ADHD and autism. Colon and breast cancer rates in young adults are increasing. People are experiencing symptoms similar to what I have described. The association of the rapid proliferation of wireless technology and EMF radiation with increasing adverse health issues needs to be recognized and addressed soon.

John Endres


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