Dear Editor: Wisconsin deer hunters know about Dr. Deer, aka Jim Kroll, the Texas-based deer expert brought in by Gov. Scott Walker (at taxpayer expense) to evaluate Wisconsin’s deer management problems. What most don’t know are Kroll’s views on public hunting.

According to Kroll, people advocating for more public hunting opportunities are “pining for socialism” and “(public) game management is the last bastion of communism.” Kroll calls people who advocate for public hunting “cocktail conservationists.” He feels the state should be high-fenced into private plots, then the owners can “manage” the deer herd (like he does on his ranch in Texas) and charge thousands of dollars to hunt deer!

So hunters, ask yourselves, why did Walker hire this outspoken critic of public hunting, who would like to destroy Wisconsin’s deer hunting tradition? Do we really want hunting in Wisconsin turned into a for-profit enterprise?

On June 5, remember Dr. Deer and what he wants to do to Wisconsin. Vote to fire Dr. Deer, and the guy who hired him.

Gary Trew

Fond du Lac

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