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Dear Editor: Your editorial, "Ron Kind gets marriage equality right," reminded me of Kind's stance on another popular issue. Kind, whose district includes the home of Wisconsin medical cannabis bill namesake Jacki Rickert, seems confused lately on medicinal pot.

Last year, Wisconsin's congressional delegation split 4-4 on a vote for an amendment to a federal spending bill that would have prohibited the Department of Justice from using federal funds to oppose state medical cannabis law implementation.

Republicans Tom Petri and Reid Ribble joined Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore in voting in favor of the amendment. But Ron Kind joined Republicans F. James Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan and Sean Duffy in voting no.

When similar amendments have come up in the past, Kind has voted in favor of medical cannabis a number of times dating back to the mid-2000s. But last year he inexplicably went back to voting to oppose legislation he had previously supported. So let's hope Kind remembers that he's for marriage equality and medical cannabis next time these issues come before him.

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Gary Storck