Gary Storck: Legalize medical pot, help the state economy

Gary Storck: Legalize medical pot, help the state economy

Dear Editor: The Obama administration's announcement that it will no longer stand in the way of state marijuana laws is great news. Under the new guidance, federal authorities will respect state laws with "strong and effective regulatory and enforcement systems."

Wisconsin citizens have long been far ahead of state politicians on medical cannabis and the failure to legalize medical pot has hurt the state economy and led to an exodus of citizens to the now 20 states and Washington, D.C, where medical marijuana is legal and the two states — Washington and Colorado — where adult use is also legal.

Legislation incorporating the kind of "strong and effective regulatory and enforcement system" the new federal guidance calls for is currently being drafted by Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, and Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, and should be available for introduction this fall.

Statewide polls and local advisory referendums have long established that an overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites from all across the political spectrum want state lawmakers to enact a medical cannabis law.

With former opponents like television personality Dr. Sanjay Gupta going so far as apologizing for past opposition and the new federal policy clearing the air, it's time for Wisconsin to act.

Taylor and Erpenbach's bill, which first and foremost expands health care options, is also a jobs bill that would create entire new industries across the state. If Gov. Walker truly wants to meet his promise of 250,000 jobs, hopefully he has been asking the right questions as he travels to states like Colorado and Washington where both medical use and adult use are legal.

Gary Storck, co-founder

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