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Dear Editor: I have been asked by the organizers of the National Rally for Wolves, taking place on the Washington, D.C., National Mall Sept. 7, to speak on behalf of Wisconsin’s wolves.

I do not take this honor lightly, and I look forward to speaking to a national audience about the plight of Wisconsin’s wolves.

I will be certain to give Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Scott Suder full credit for making Wisconsin the blood sport capital of the nation by legalizing the use of dogs to hunt wolves, thereby making this state-sanctioned dog fighting.

Further, I will share with the audience that Walker fully endorses the slaughter of more than 30 percent of Wisconsin’s wolf population in the upcoming wolf killing season, despite the OVERWHELMING OPPOSITION of this state’s residents against this hunt, and any hunting of wolves, period.

As one prominent UW researcher recently stated, this is an undeniably “aggressive wolf hunt,” and future wolf hunts, at their current levels, are not sustainable.

I will make sure to mention that Walker is totally responsible for the ongoing eradication of the gray wolf in Wisconsin, and only he can stop it.

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Walker will go down in the history books for a lot of things, but not many other governors can brag about pursuing an animal species to the brink of extinction.

Elizabeth Huntley


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