Dear Editor: The religious right thoroughly declared itself morally and ethically bankrupt with its support for Donald Trump during the recent presidential election.

Trump bragged about sexually harassing women in the most vulgar terms. He showed no compassion for the less fortunate, even making fun of the physically handicapped. He lied about president Obama’s U.S. birth for seven years. He lied about his charitable contributions. He lied about his support for the Iraq war. He ripped students off with his phony university, eventually settling numerous lawsuits for millions of dollars. He tacitly admitted to unethical income tax practices by refusing to release his income tax. He stiffed subcontractors when his businesses filed for bankruptcy. When U.S. banks would no longer lend him money, he snuggled with the Russians and praised their dictatorial leader and his totalitarian government.

Organized religion should have chastised him, but what did it do? Jerry Falwell Jr. said that Trump had lived his life in the spirit of Jesus. The entire nation now knows that comment was just plain laughable. Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition, dismissed Trump’s vulgar comments as irrelevant because they were not made yesterday. Pat Robertson excused Trump, saying he was just trying to look macho. About 80 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump in the presidential election.

These are the same people who declared a national crisis when President Bill Clinton was seduced by an intern, and now they knowingly supported a man whose behavior has been far worse. Morals and ethics have little to do with the religious right’s political choices. During the presidential election of 2016 they proved to the nation that they are nothing more than political gas bags who use religion to manipulate the public.

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Dave Wester


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