Dear Editor: May is Electromagnetic Radiation Awareness month. It is a fact that some people are sensitive to EMR from wireless emissions. People worldwide experience headaches, insomnia, concentration loss, heart problems, etc., when exposed to radiofrequency/microwave radiation. This radiofrequency sickness/electrosensitivity is a functional disability.

The condition was first noted by Russian doctors in numerous workers exposed to microwave/RF radiation. Today, people reporting RF sensitivity include Canadian actress Joely Collins, Australian Dr. Federica Lamech, UK businessman Brian Stein, the Shioto family in Japan and North Carolina resident Andrew McAfee. Others must hide their identities, like U.S. tech workers in “Sensitive and Inside Big Technology” online interviews, and New York teacher “Harrison Barritt,” who explains why people haven’t heard about RF sickness in “What You Can’t See and Don’t Read About” online.

Despite misconceptions and occasional ridicule, awareness is growing. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states, “Electromagnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity has been documented in controlled and double blind studies with exposure to various EMF frequencies.” Plus, Colorado, Connecticut and Florida have issued proclamations supporting electromagnetic sensitivity awareness.

A little compassion and basic access considerations would go a long way for “canaries in the mine” sick from EMR. It could happen to anyone.

Charyl Zehfus


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