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Dear Editor: The headline on Pat Schneider’s June 24 column, “Is immigration law about to bring Wisconsin Arizona-style notoriety?,” is misleading. It should read something like, “Is Wisconsin about to join Arizona in protecting American workers?,” because that is why we have immigration laws in the first place.

But biased journalists like Schneider, who insist on portraying illegals (and their employers) as victims, and who give unlimited space to grassroots groups like Voces de la Frontera and others who aid and abet illegal aliens but ignore the voices of pro-enforcement advocates, can’t be bothered with all the facts surrounding the immigration issue.

Perhaps only when an illegal alien like the Pulitzer Prize-winning Jose Antonio Vargas shows up at the Capital Times and offers to do Schneider’s job for a lesser salary will she finally see who the real victims of illegal immigration are.

Dave Gorak, executive director

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