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Raised fist

In this file photo, a union supporter raises his fist during protests at the state Capitol in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many public workers.

Here's how five people answered this week's question posed by Capital Times freelancer Kevin Murphy. What do you think? Please join the discussion.

"I think they should. I'm happy to see local governments, Madison and I think Dane County, are negotiating with workers now because I support the idea of collective bargaining and unions for public employees. I'm glad they're taking advantage of this opportunity and I hope the law remains overturned."

Mel Morgenbesser



"I'm glad that Act 10 was struck down as unconstitutional and I hope that gives people the opportunity to make their voices heard for creating a better work environment that's more conducive to worker productivity and worker satisfaction, too. Cities and local governments that are renewing collective bargaining with their employees — I think that's fine. I don't know the chances that the ruling will be upheld on appeal but I think it shows that the Walker administration doesn't have final say on this."

Ben Slatky



"It looks like an opportunity to do what should be done. They lost rights they shouldn't have and this is a way to get them back at least temporarily. Governments should negotiate with workers as long as that's allowable."

Steve Grob



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“It’s perfectly legal to do what they’re doing now and anything that makes a teacher happy is good for our state. If they renegotiate through collective bargaining then that’s what they should be doing. Collective bargaining should have never been done away with in the first place.”

Rebecca Behlang



"I think it's a good idea and I agree with the ruling so I suppose that reflects my bias that the ruling is just. If I disagreed with the ruling I'd probably say the parties should wait to negotiate until the law is settled. But I appreciate the fact that some local entities are not waiting but acting and trying to make a deal that will be advantageous to both sides.

Dave Berban

quality improvement specialist


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