“Hunters are guilty of crimes against nature, against future generations and against humanity because diminishment leads to collapse and to extinction and we forget that we as animals, as primate hominids, will commit collective suicide if we continue with our barbaric traditions and behavior in the face of a global ecological collapse.” — Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd captain

Oct. 9 ended yet another bear genocide. After being run by dogs for three and a half months, those who have survived will crawl into dens, without months of daily feeding they need to survive winter. Babies of murdered mothers will wander until they die. They den with their mothers their first winter. Bears died this summer of heat exhaustion from being chased throughout extraordinary temperatures.

On 9/11, almost 3,000 people were killed and it has traumatized a country of 300 million people for over a decade. Think of the relentless trauma wildlife suffer experiencing the massive orchestrated killings in Wisconsin — 4,009 bears killed in 2009, 5,113 bears killed in 2010, 4,257 bears killed in 2011, 9,015 licenses sold this year. Packs of dogs frightening all wildlife. Millions of animals suffering and dying in medieval metal traps and snares. Thousands of deer are killed in front of their friends and family every year.

It is deeply shameful that the public has not intervened to end this terrorism.

Usually, I breathe a sigh of relief that bears’ suffering is waning. Not this year.

The wolf slaughter starts Oct. 15. As the Department of Natural Resources promotes the squander of our wolves, we will not get them back again. There will not be gullible people buying endangered species license plates or volunteering to track wolves. There will not be millions of dollars and 30 more years to bring them back to life. We are out of time. We will be dealing with dying oceans, water shortages, droughts, wildfires, collapsing ecosystems and millions of people displaced by sea level rise.

There is no relief this year because avid bow hunter, radical conservative Paul Ryan may have some power over government policy in a few short months. If people are as easily manipulated to believe consistent lying as they have proven to be, the following are some of Ryan’s budget plans to destroy our future: sell off national park lands and subsidize dirty energy: the Keystone pipeline, oil, coal, fracking for natural gas, and dangerous nuclear power; by 2050, cut huge chunks of public services funding, strangling Medicare by 2016; privatize education and public services like the post office; destroy the Endangered Species Act; decrease taxes on the wealthy; eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood; gut funding for public television.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. Its latest assessment is: “Biodiversity loss continues and has breached safe planetary boundaries.”

Our private well-being depends entirely on the health of this planet and complex delicate interactions between all nonhuman species and ourselves. We must shift from doing as much harm as possible to restoring that delicate balance. All over the planet, 7 billion people are killing millions of farm animals, killing wild animals, and poisoning and destroying our oceans. We will not survive on a dead planet.

The environment and our treatment of wildlife are not something “outside of us.” It is inside of us — clean water, air we can breathe, and partnership dependent on a living, vibrant ecosystem. The DNR is devastating our natural world as “maximum opportunity” to exploit and kill our wildlife, indiscriminately in traps, everywhere. They are about to trash a fragile population of wolf families built up over 30 years by endangered species license plates, 967 volunteer wolf trackers, biologists, and extensive UW-Madison scientific studies, bypassed for political pandering.

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Watch “The Wolf in Your Living Room” to understand your dogs by understanding wolves.

According to a recent Associated Press report, Joe Caputo of Spring Green is spending $3,000 on dozens of traps to kill wolves; Beverly Kiger of Grand Rapids, Mich., plans to add a full body wolf taxidermy to her South African wildebeest and impala collection; Mark Dahms of Waukesha will utilize a newly purchased electronic call that can produce 400 sounds mimicking wolves and distressed animals. “The big thing is getting the hide,” he said.

This is Wisconsin in 2012.

Says IUCN: “Furthermore, biodiversity and ecosystem services are expected to continue their serious decline. There is no plan(et) B.”

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or