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Scott Walker is awesomesauce? These chicks think so

Scott Walker is awesomesauce? These chicks think so

Gov. Scott Walker’s been called a lot of things. Add to the list "awesomesauce."

That’s from conservative bloggers Chicks on the Right – motto: because conservatism needs a makeover – who watched his awesomeness give the keynote speech at the Indiana Republican fundraising dinner last week.

"Gov. Walker is a delight," the chicks gush. "He's friendly, warm, genuine, down to earth. I called him Mitch v.2.0 (a reference to former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels) last night. He's a regular dude trying to make his state and his country a better place. He spoke totally extemporaneously, without notes or a teleprompter, and we were riveted. He spoke about the GOP's direction, its missteps in the 2012 election, and what it needs to do going forward. He spoke about three things specifically: optimism, relevance, and courage."

(We've noted before Walker's use of the winning formula of optimism, relevance and courage, or ORC.)

NWI Politics, a northwest Indiana political news service, provides a sampling of the governor's speech.

"The pathway forward for us to succeed at a national level is to replicate the success we've had in states that are led by Republicans," Walker said. "People want leadership — we should be the party that leads."

A shot in the arm for the chicks.

"In short, he was awesomesauce, and all of you Wisconsinites should be SERIOUSLY PROUD of your governor."

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