Developers are back with another ambitious plan for the 900 block of East Washington Avenue on Madison's east side, this time including a production winery, apartments, retail space and structured parking.

It’s the third different version of “Archipelago Village” for the block that includes the historic Kleuter Building at the Paterson Street corner.

“The site is proposed as a true mixed-use development, consisting of retail, commercial and residential development working together to support each other and the surrounding area,” says Kirk Keller of Plunkett Raysich Architects in a letter filed with city planners this week.

The project is due for an informational presentation before the city Urban Design Commission Wednesday.

Madison's Korb family, under the Archipelago Village LLC, has owned the site since buying it from Mautz Paint in 2002 for $2.8 million.

Ten years ago, Korb’s development consultant, Curt Brink, had proposed an "Archipelago Village" for the site. Billed as the largest redevelopment in city history, the $250-million concept featured a 27-story tower including 600,000 square feet of office space, 400,000 square feet of retail space, condos, a grocery store and 3,200 parking spaces.

That plan never got past the vision stage, however, and the site has remained undeveloped through the housing bust.

With the economy recovering and other developments moving forward along East Washington Avenue, Brink earlier this year presented a scaled-down Archipelago Village that included business incubator space in a five-story addition to the Kleuter building.

Brink was hoping to use the space to attract StartingBlock Madison, which has been looking to create a centralized 50,000 square foot location for the region's start-up sector.

But StartingBlock is now eyeing a site on the 800 block of East Wash on a city-owned parcel that remains from the purchase of the former Don Miller auto dealership.

Brink said Friday that his group was still moving forward with the Kleuter addition, even if StartingBlock was not going to take the space.

"There are a lot of things in play right now," he said. "The next thing we need to do is get the parking plan past the city."

The restaurant and winery would be built in a restored version of the Wisconsin Telephone building at Brearly and East Main streets at the back of the block. It would be run by David Korb, who last year had proposed a winery in the town of Westport that met opposition from neighbors.

The winery/restaurant would be incorporated into a 10-story apartment building. The design includes three levels of above-ground parking and one level below grade.

Brink said other large buildings shown on a site map would be phased in over time to meet market demand.

One potential snag, however, is that city land use plans show the 900 block as an employment use rather than residential use. 

In 2011, the site almost became the new location for the Ale Asylum Brewery. But those plans evaporated when the brewery chose instead to build on the north side, off Packers Avenue.

The Capitol East corridor, which extends down East Washington Avenue to the Yahara River, was long considered underutilized but is now attracting interest from developers.

Gebhardt development last year opened the "Constellation" mixed-use apartment building on the 700 block of East Wash and recently broke ground on the "Galaxie," an apartment building anchored by a new Festival Foods on the 800 block of East Washington Avenue.

Also, developers have proposed a live music venue coupled with affordable housing at the former Madison Dairy on the 1000 block of East Wash.

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