The term "drafting error" may be enshrined as a legendary Wisconsin phrase after Wednesday's events. 

That's the term Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker used to explain a portion of his 2015-17 budget bill that would have deleted the core philosophy of the "Wisconsin Idea" from the University of Wisconsin's statutory mission statement.

"The Wisconsin Idea will continue to thrive," the governor's office tweeted late Wednesday afternoon. "The final version of budget will fix drafting error - Mission statement will include WI Idea." 

It's the first announced change to the Republican governor's proposed budget, less than 24 hours after it was released. 

In Section 1111 of Walker’s proposed budget legislation, Senate Bill 21, he strikes language specifying that the UW has a public service mission to “extend knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of its campus" and to "serve and stimulate society."

Walker adds “to meet the state’s workforce needs" as a core mission of the university.

Walker also strikes language ensuring that the mission of the UW is to extend "training and public service designed to educate people and improve the human condition," as well as the language: "Basic to every purpose of the system is the search for truth."

The proposed changes were slammed by university officials and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, not to mention alumni and observers.

Ray Cross, president of the UW System, thanked the governor for his "commitment to the Wisconsin Idea" in a tweet after it was announced it would remain on the books.

The Wisconsin Idea dates back more than a century, developed by UW-Madison president Charles Van Hise in 1904. Van Hise then commented that he would "never be content until the beneficent influence of the university reaches every family in the state."

When asked about the proposed change during a stop in DePere earlier on Wednesday, Walker did not mention a drafting error.

"The focus would be honed in, in particular to look at making sure that we prepare individuals in this state . . . for the jobs and opportunities that are available in the state,” Walker said of the proposed changes, the Wisconsin Radio Network reported.

Quick to capitalize on the "drafting error" buzz, the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now tweeted a series of #draftingerror digs on the governor, a likely 2016 candidate for president. An example: ".@Govwalker now blames lack of college matriculation on 'drafting error.' #walkerfailure #draftingerror"

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Jessie Opoien is the Capital Times' opinion editor. She joined the Cap Times in 2013, covering state government and politics for the bulk of her time as a reporter. She has also covered music, culture and education in Madison and Oshkosh.