Gov. Scott Walker can't seem to go anywhere without raising a ruckus. Thursday he was in Lexington, Ky., campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams, which led some 70 protesters to stand outside the event in the rain chanting "Walker go home!" (nope, not making that up), provides some footage.

It's interesting to me that Walker is apparently considered a political plus in Kentucky (Kenton County Republican Party Chairman Greg Shumate told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Walker's endorsement of Williams "speaks volumes to David's commitment to fiscal conservatism") but kept far away from the recall elections of Republican state senators last month in Wisconsin.

The latter choice no doubt reflects Walker's lousy poll numbers here, but I wonder if he will be a hot ticket for Republicans campaigning elsewhere in the country in 2012 (assuming, of course, that he isn't recalled). It is true that even in Wisconsin, Walker is wildly popular among Republicans, who gave him an 86 percent approval rating in the latest Badger Poll. His problem is that he's not well-liked by independents (31 percent approval) and loathed by Democrats (5 percent approval).

So if you're in a state that leans Republican like Kentucky (McCain won it in 2008), then maybe having Walker on your side is a benefit. On the other hand, recent polls are showing Williams trailing Democratic incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear by large margins -- almost 29 percentage points in one poll. It will be curious to see if Walker will be considered a Republican asset in closer races.

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