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Business blogger and veteran Wisconsin commentator John Torinus poses a rhetorical question: Who is running the good ship Wisconsin? He complains that Scott Walker is busy campaigning for president, but his staff isn't picking up the slack. Walker promised Wisconsin would come first as he took on his second term. That hasn't been the case, he insists.

Meanwhile, Political Environment blogger James Rowen is wondering if Scott Walker's use of his office for campaigning is a violation of Wisconsin's ethics code. While drawing a full-time state salary, Walker uses his office to make campaign points in his quest for the GOP nomination for president, Rowen points out, and cites what the ethics code reads.

Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance's Todd Berry has some basic questions to ask of the Wisconsin budget. One of those is the state's fiscal reputation, he says. Wisconsin has been lax in meeting GAAP accounting procedures under this governor and those who have come before. That doesn't bode well for the state's credit rating, he points out.

The GOP senators' letter warning Iran about negotiating with President Obama reminds columnist Bill Kaplan of what happened when then President Johnson was trying to open talks with North Vietnam on finding a way out of the Vietnam War. On WisOpinion, Kaplan recalls how candidate Richard Nixon did his best to thwart the talks via a back channel.

Democratic state Rep. Cory Mason questions the openness of state government these days as more legislative meetings are held behind closed doors. This being Sunshine Week, the Legislature needs to change its way of meeting outside of public view, he argues.

Conservative blogger and MacIver Institute contributor James Wigderson asks if Wisconsin should act should the Supreme Court overturn a crucial piece of Obamacare. He doesn't provide a clear answer but claims that Scott Walker did the right thing by not accepting the exchanges. 

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Senior health care veterans Tom Frazier and Lynn Breedlove warn that provisions in the governor's budget are going to make it more difficult for seniors to receive health care at home. The state has a model program for home care and the pair wonders why the governor wants to blow it up.

Jeff Simpson blogs about the infamous James O'Keefe, one of Andrew Breitbart's disciples who is called in make trouble for Republicans who don't toe the line for the right-wing fringe. O'Keefe was notable here for forcing former GOP state Sen. Mike Ellis to resign. He's been in the news most recently for political shenanigans in New York.