Admitting that economic growth has stalled in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel prefers to look on the bright side. There's hope that things will soon change, the paper editorializes today. It won't blame the governor's policies for the current malaise, leaving that determination to the historians.

On the Urban Milwaukee blog, Bruce Murphy wonders if Wisconsin really does have a so-called "skills gap." He notes that the Journal Sentinel keeps writing stories that we do, but he points out a recent study that insists we don't. The Milwaukee paper fails to include references that debunk the skills gap theory, he says.

On her blog, Brenda Konkel praises Dane County for updating and improving its ordinance on buying local, making it easier for local firms to bid on contracts. She adds that she wishes the city of Madison would do the same.

In a lengthy post, blogger Chris Liebenthal discusses the return of heated rhetoric directed at the Indians in northern Wisconsin. He blames DNR statements and actions by Gov. Scott Walker for rekindling the white vs. Indian climate that marked northern Wisconsin during the initial spear fishing controversies.

Writing for the MacIver Institute's blog, conservative James Wigderson contends that the left is wrong over its criticism of Rep. Dale Kooyenga's tax package that was included in the the Joint Finance Committee's budget that is on its way to the full Legislature. Wigderson insists that Wisconsin's economy is lagging because of tax increases enacted during the Jim Doyle administration, which, he says, ought to be repealed.

On Uppity Wisconsin blog, Jud Lounsbury calls out Wisconsin right-wing talk show host Jerry Bader for calling President Obama a Muslim and criticizing him for not admitting it.  The blogger contends Bader is a thinly disguised racist.

Cody Oliphant on the One Wisconsin Now blog reports on Sen. Ron Johnson's latest broadside against our "dependent" nation in which he complains about everything from food stamps to Social Security. So, in case you missed it, he says, poor black people are responsible for the country's financial crisis, and unless we throw them to the wolves we are all in serious trouble.

Blogger James Rowen labels the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce "Madison's flat earth club" for its inisistence that Obama is bad for the national economy, but Scott Walker is good for Wisconsin's. Up is down and down is up, Rowen chides.

On the WPRI blog, Mike Ford pens an ode to the city of Milwaukee, from which he's moving. Ford says the city may have its warts, but it is vibrant and creative and is improving all the time. He says Milwaukee ought to be running the state of Wisconsin, not the other way around.

On FightingBob, Ed Garvey says he continues to be amused by the "Snoop-America" plan. He says the American people are left in the dark, but members of Congress and thousands of private contractors are privy to all the snooping that's going on in the name of security. It reminds him of the Joe McCarthy days. The Racine Journal Times, meanwhile, asks in an editorial who is watching the watchers in all this mess.

And blogger Steve Prestegard abandons his usual liberal bashing today to pay tribute to Vince Lombardi on what would have been his 100th birthday. The blogger posts several tributes to the great Green Bay Packer coach and adds some of his own.

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