The Racine Journal Times congratulates Wisconsinites for "being good with money." The paper notes that a recent study by puts the Badger state number three in the country for money management. Wisconsin credit card users have FICOs that average among the very top, the paper says. 

Only in Donald Trump's America would we ever have to consider moving Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman onto a military base for safety reasons after he testified earlier this week in the Trump impeachment proceedings, laments Ed Heinzelman on Blogging Blue.

Trump is using the impeachment hearings to further demean women, insists Political Environment blogger James Rowen. "The woman is bad news," he tweeted of former Ukrainian ambassador Marie Yovanovicth and then calls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "a woman who is highly overrated," Rowen writes.

In a column on RightWisconsin, Republican state Rep. Tony Kurtz hails the new trade agreement with Japan that he says will open up new opportunities for Wisconsin farmers.  He says there will be even more help for the state's farmers if only Congress would ratify the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey comments on the pardons Donald Trump granted to three men who were found guilty of war crimes. He notes that in at least one case, the military may stun Trump by nevertheless removing one of the men from his post with the Navy Seals.

One Wisconsin Now insists that Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly, who is up for re-election this April, should do the right thing and call on his "right-wing" buddies to drop their lawsuit aimed at purging Wisconsin voting rolls before the April 2020 elections. OWN points out Kelly's previous involvement with the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty that has brought the suit to force the State Elections Commission to remove voters who have moved. 

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