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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy wonders what Scott Walker's legacy will now be. Here is a guy who made some significant conservative changes to Wisconsin government, from cutting property taxes with Act 10 to redoing the DNR, but as a result of actions these past few days will likely go down as a sore loser with contempt for the voters who didn't give him a third term, he says.

In a column for People's World, Dominique Paul Noth writes that Wisconsin Republicans are cementing  their reversal of election results. None of the legislation passed by the lame-duck legislative session earlier in the week was needed, he points out, but simply aimed at making it more difficult for the victors on Nov. 6 to function when they take over after the first of the year.

The "director of regulatory reform and federalism" for the conservative Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, Lucas Vebber, is one of the few to contend that the good won out during the lame-duck session this week, preserving voter ID and placing checks on the attorney general's powers, for example.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen, however, wonders who was behind that package of power-grab bills that was put together so rapidly. Could it have been another secretly hired high-priced law firm like the Republicans employed to draw up gerrymandered legislative districts? he speculates. 

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Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska sees the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush as an early Christmas present. It was uplifting for all Americans regardless of their views and for once probably made us all feel better. 

The Racine Journal Times sides with outgoing Attorney General Brad Schimel over his opinion that wedding barns need liquor licenses. The paper says it has long advocated for a level playing field and requiring the wedding barn industry to obtain licenses to serve booze does just that.

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