In a cartoon for Isthmus, John Lyons and Adam Talaga comment: "Health care for me, not  for thee." The cartoon is a commentary on Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voting against expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin, while noting that co-chair Alberta Darling wasn't in attendance, but was being cared for by her government-supported health insurance.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen comments that Donald Trump has joined with other Wisconsin Republicans in screwing rural Wisconsin. Trump's announced immigration proposal would restrict immigrants to high-skilled educated foreigners, meaning that farmers who rely on immigrants to do farm work would be excluded from entering the country, he observes.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey insists that Exact Sciences, which he describes as an outstanding company, is guilty of a PR blunder when it didn't quickly reveal it was the corporation that got $61 million form WEDC, but its jobs were created out of state. Nevertheless, Humphrey says WEDC blundered when it didn't name the firm and forced an open records request to discover who it was.

Strict constructionist conservative activist Wisconsin Supeme Court justices ignore Constitution? Yup!, answers Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson, noting the open hostility the conservative justices exhibited during a court hearing on whether the "lame-duck" session was unconstitutional.

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Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman expands on the court's comments during the hearing over the lame duck suit. He posts the questions asked by the court of the lawyers who insist that the laws passed in the lame duck session should be invalidated.