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Perhaps Scott Walker thought he was at a meeting of the National Russian Association, chides Political Environment blogger James Rowen, referring to Walker's meeting with Maria Butina, who this week was charged with operating as a foreign agent without registering. As has long been the case, Rowen notes, Walker consistently denies knowing anything.

The liberal advocate One Wisconsin Now contends that it's been Walker's 25-year relationship with the National Rifle Association that opened the doors to the Russian accused of spying to get personal access to Walker when he was running for president. OWN calculated that the NRA has funneled $3.5 million into Walker's campaign accounts during those 25 years.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Emily Mills says that the recent tragedy in Sun Prairie points to the need for full-time firefighters not just in Sun Prairie but in communities across the country. We are placing too big a burden on volunteers in an effort to save money, she says. We need to step up and fund 24/7 protection, she adds.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal administers what he calls the "Bernie" test in the Democratic primary for the 1st District seat in Congress. Liebenthal says that Randy Bryce was clearly a Bernie supporter in 2016 while his opponent, teacher Cathy Myers, backed Hillary.

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Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey comments that Milwaukee Brewers' relief pitcher and 2018 All-Star John Hader resembles white trash as far as he's concerned. His racist, homophobic and sexist tweets as a 17-year-old high-schooler say much about his soul, he adds. 

MalContends blogger Michael Leon writes that Democratic gubernatorial primary candidate Matt Flynn is first up with television ads. He says that Flynn, who is running second behind Tony Evers, is introducing himself to Wisconsin with these first ads.