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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy insists that Attorney General Brad Schimel's suit against a Labor Department provision to update overtime rules has now effectively cost Wisconsin workers some $23 million. Schimel joined with other Republican AGs to fight the rules that required overtime be paid to workers earning under a salary threshold. 

Also on Urban Milwaukee, business writer John Torinus claims that 25 University of Wisconsin campuses are strapped for funds. He says all but the Madison campus are experiencing financial problems, including Milwaukee. The next governor is going to have to deal with this, he notes. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska chides The Capital Times for contending that Republican senatorial candidate Leah Vukmir is a career politician. Rather, it's Vukmir's opponent, Tammy Baldwin, who's the real career politician, he maintains. 

Yet again, a Wisconsin  hunter has fatally released a dog into wolf territory, writes Political Environment blogger James Rowen.  The death of the Walker hound is the 17th this year, he notes, while 14 more have been injured in wolf-dog fights. Wisconsin is the only state that essentially sanctions this kind of activity, he says.

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Speaking of dogs, the Racine Journal Times notes the problem of therapy dogs being a conduit for staph infection at hospitals, an unfortunate problem because of all the good things therapy dogs bring to the hospitalized, especially children. The paper asks the dogs' owners to be extra careful in making sure their dogs are bathed regularly and other precautions are taken before coming to the hospital. 

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman takes issue with Gov. Scott Walker's self-description as the "education governor" for Wisconsin. Not so much, he says, while posting several examples of how education has not fared so well under the Republican governor.

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