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Citizens and the media have to say no to Wisconsin Republicans' attempts to nullify the 2018 election, insists Political Environment blogger James Rowen. He's referencing comments made by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos that the lame duck legislative session may look at how to curb the new governor's power when he takes over Jan. 1. They can't be allowed to further poison the state's politics, Rowen writes.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman, however, doesn't think we should get too worked up about Vos' comments. Vos will find out that Tony Evers will be pretty easy to work with and perhaps Vos can learn how to govern when not everyone is from the same party.

What Vos is really saying, chimes in Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson, is: "Geez, maybe we gave Scott Walker too much power the past eight years." That has apparently dawn on him now that there's a governor from a different political party.

Dan O'Donnell writes a guest piece for the conservative MacIver Institute website in which he explains how much it hurts that Scott Walker was defeated Tuesday. Walker's defeat ends eight years of conservatism that has turned the state around, he maintains.

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Dominique Paul Noth, meanwhile, writes about being blue about not being blue enough. He says the nation will rue the day they resisted a full monty stripping of the emperor's clothes. Apparently disaster has to strike before real action is taken.

On Urban Milwaukee, Jeramey Jannene posts seven numbers that he claims explain what happened in Tuesday's elections. The key number, he explains, is 2.7 million, which is the total number of votes cast in the midterm elections here, a record.  

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska presents part 2 of his "autopsy" explaining what happened Tuesday. He says the huge Dane County turnout and an even larger turnout in Waukesha County contributed to the Evers' victory. 

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