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The Racine Journal Times throws some arrows at Madison for adding to its "zany luster" with a crackdown on air conditioning within its boundaries. The paper believes that the city is truly 77 square miles surrounded by reality for voting to fine businesses that run air conditioning full blast but leave doors and windows open. It also chides Madison for enacting an ordinance on the length of time vehicles can idle in the winter. All a feather in its liberal cap, the Journal Times believes.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen reports that the number of farm losses in Wisconsin during 2018 was larger than originally through. Family farms going out of business totaled 691, some 53 alone in December or nearly two farms a day, he adds. Among other problems, the stats shows the impact of the large CAFO operations on family farmers, he says.

Chris Rochester, one of the conservative staffers of the Bradley Foundation-supported MacIver Institute, is already proclaiming Gov. Tony Evers is off to an "inauspicious" start. He posts a list of issues on which he claims Evers has changed his stance since the campaign. The right-wing website promises to keep close tabs on Evers during the coming four years.  

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman examines Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' refusal to disclose an $850,000 contract signed with a Chicago law firm to defend the Republicans' redistricting law and wonders on what grounds Vos can claim it isn't subject to public records law. If the law firm isn't representing Wisconsin, he explains, then it must be representing Vos. If that's so, Vos should pay for it, not the taxpayers. 

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Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson posts a tongue-in-cheek list of Donald Trump's New Year's resolutions, including one that promises to get George Soros and Hillary Clinton to the pay for the wall along the Mexican border.

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