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Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson highlights a recent report that on average, states added about 15 percent to higher education funding after the Great Recession in 2008, but Wisconsin, under Republican leadership, continued to cut from 2013-2018, the fourth most in the nation. 

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey is incensed that the Madison schools' safety coordinator, retired Madison Police Captain Joe Balles, would dismiss an apparent rape incident in a high school bathroom as "kids will be kids." He says the school district has lost its way.

Julie Grace of the conservative Badger Institute explains why the institute and others are in favor of the expungement bill currently pending the Legislature that would allow judges to remove records of convictions from public view. She contends this is needed to help those who made one mistake in their lives get another chance.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen frets at the prospect of what will happen to curbs on agriculture run-off from huge concentrated animal feeding operations when they get to the state Supreme Court. The challenges to the state's environmental rules were initiated by actions taken by former Gov. Scott Walker, Rowen points out.

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West Bend Daily News' conservative columnist Owen Robinson insists that Gov. Tony Evers' tax proposals are going to make Wisconsinites "feel the weight" of government. He urges legislative Republicans to fight hard against Evers' plans.