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Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey recounts the numerous scandals involving Republican officials in recent months, including the sorry record of several of Donald Trump's acquaintances and appointees. The only way to wash it away is for a blue wave this November, the blogger insists.

How could Ohio lose 588 ballots in a close election last Tuesday? asks Political Environment blogger James Rowen. Well, Ohio has nothing on Wisconsin, he adds. Remember the close contest involving Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in 2011 when Waukesha County conveniently misplaced 14,000 votes?

As he seeks a third term as Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker’s campaign strategy has evoked laughter and apprehension, says blogger Dominique Paul Noth – laughter because he so shamelessly contradicts his own past in seeking to make nice with the progressive forces, yet apprehension because his 10-1 money advantage and slippery history raise worries he can deceive enough voters with another change of skin.

Jerry Bader, the former Fox Valley conservative radio host, posts an item on Right Wisconsin jabbing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers on what he calls more questionable actions on teachers' licenses as superintendent of DPI.

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The Racine Journal Times is aghast at a Facebook initiative to collect information from users' banks. The social media giant says the information will allow Facebook members to more easily use the site. The Journal Times insists this is just another threat to people's privacy.

The assumption that government spending reduces freedom limits the ability to assess government spending, asserts Urban Milwaukee's data wonk, Bruce Thompson. He takes a look at the different think tanks that constantly blame government for a decline in freedoms and finds their research to be wanting.

Outdoor columnist Paul Smith, in a column that appears in the Stevens Point Journal, writes that nothing is easy about the state's CWD problem, but the action taken by the Natural Resources Board this week is an important step. The decision to require more fencing at state deer farms is crucial, he maintains.

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