So what exactly is Scott Walker running for? asks Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman, noting that the former Wisconsin governor is tweeting about as often as Donald Trump these days. The latest tweet insists that Iran's recent belligerence is Barack Obama's fault. Heinzelman wonders if Trump starts a war with Iran, whether Walker's two sons will volunteer.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Matt Rothschild calls last Friday's Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the Republican lame-duck session certainly no surprise. He was gratified, though, by the dissent that cited two arguments made by the WDC in its amicus brief.

Right-wing Milwaukee radio talk show host Dan O'Donnell, in a posting for the MacIver Institute, claims that legislative Republicans are set to pass the most bloated state budget in their history, all because Scott Walker's no longer around.

Ian Smith of the union that represents hundreds of VA employees here and Buzz Davis, longtime veterans' advocate, team up on a WisOpinion column to decry the Trump administration's attacks on VA unions and its relentless march to privatize the hospital system. 

Political Environment blogger James Rowen, posting a list of major accidents along the I-94 corridor since construction began to service the Foxconn development, whether investigators will look at why. Are signs adequate, for instance? Something is clearly wrong, he adds.  

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