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Political Environment blogger James Rowen reminds his readers that Scott Walker is still in office until after the first of the year and he and the Republican-controlled Legislature could do plenty in the upcoming special session to hamstring Tony Evers. The question will be whether Walker will be a statesman or a spoiler.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy declares Tuesday's election as a big win for democracy, evidenced by the huge turnout. He goes on to list 33 election winners and losers from the election, including the loss by big-money interests.

Now that the election is over, the Racine Journal Times urges both parties to conduct the public's business openly, unlike what both parties have done in the past by inserting budget amendments in the dead of the night and hiding which legislators were behind the shenanigans. Republicans have been to blame in recent years because they held the majority, but Dems have done the same when they've been in power, the paper maintains.

It was not the economy, stupid, writes a dejected David Blaska, Madison's rightie blogger, after the election. Blaska expresses his disappointment that with all the good things happening to the economy both here and nationally voters would throw out Scott Walker and return the House to Nancy Pelosi. As an aside, Blaska wonders if this will now finally bring to the end the Solidarity Singers in the Capitol.

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MalContends blogger Michael Leon applauds the voter turnout for securing Scott Walker's and Brad Schimel's defeats in Tuesday's contests. Wisconsinites turned out to make their voices heard despite years of GOP efforts to hold down the vote.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey laments that this week's election again showed the anger and incivility that marks our politics these days. TV ads, for example, again reached levels of awfulness. He wishes all would heed a quote from our first president, George Washington, which is on display at Mt. Vernon: "Every action done in company, ought to be done with some sign of respect, to those who are present."

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