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"The incredible potential of Paul Ryan" is the headline on Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy's latest column. So many said he was destined for greatness, so why didn't he achieve it? Murphy asks. He compares Ryan to Orson Welles, who as a young actor from Wisconsin never reached the potential that critics had predicted. Ryan's attempts to reduce entitlements were never going to succeed, the columnist points out. But Ryan's leaving as a millionaire, unlike many of his constituents from Janesville.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial page editor, David Haynes, writes that now that Paul Ryan has announced his resignation, he should make sure that Special Counsel Robert Mueller can escape Donald Trump's worst impulses. He can cement his legacy, Haynes suggests, by pushing a bill to protect Mueller from the president.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen expresses his disgust over Gov. Scott Walker's contention that the state needs to make sure that people with "big mansions and fancy cars" don't get welfare at taxpayers' expense. It reminds the blogger of Ronald Reagan's infamous "welfare queens" remarks. Rowen reminds readers that Walker himself has lived on the taxpayers' dime in a fancy mansion with free cars for the past 26 years.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal posts a Facebook commentary about Randy Bryce, one of the two candidates for the Democratic nomination for the state's First District congressional seat. The account, written by Tracey Sperko, details who she believes Bryce really is.

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In a Right Wisconsin commentary, Sam Morateck insists that Bryce's "braggadocio" doesn't match reality. He says that Bryce claimed to have unseated Ryan when, in fact, Ryan was projected to have no problem beating Bryce if he had decided to run for re-election.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska urges his readers to in turn urge Mayor Paul Soglin to veto the City Council's decision to remove the Confederate monument at Forest Hill Cemetery. He insists that even an officer in Wisconsin's famed Iron Brigade of Civil War fame had advocated for the monument.

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