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Republicans discover the middle class, comments Bruce Murphy on Urban Milwaukee. After years of dishing out tax cuts and credits to the wealthy in the state, including the controversial Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit, 79 percent of which goes to millionaires, GOP legislators like Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald have suddenly found middle-class cuts to be in vogue, especially since Gov. Tony Evers won the election with the middle-class cut as one of his goals. But, of course, the Republicans want to do the cuts, but not at the expense of the M&A break for the wealthy.

Gregg Walker and Richard Moore, the two honchos at the Lakeland Times, the conservative weekly paper in Minocqua, contends that Tony Evers' pick to head the Department of Natural Resources, Preston Cole, will surely lead to taking the DNR back to the "dark days" of former Gov. Jim Doyle. Proof of that, they say in a WisOpinion column, is Cole's pick of Todd Ambs as his deputy. Ambs served in the DNR when Doyle was governor and frequently feuded with Republican state Sen. Tom Tiffany, one of the Lakeland paper's favorites, who is frequently cited for his anti-environmental stances.

Emeritus professor Carl Lindner, a member of the state's Clean Power Coalition, writes in an Urban Milwaukee column that Wisconsin's DNR must stop coal pollution along Lake Michigan that is continuing to add mercury to the environment -- and that continues to be a danger for children.

Political Environment Blogger James Rowen notes that Illinois wants Wisconsin to revisit its deal with Foxconn which, Illinois elected officials contend, could lead to increased flooding and other environmental problems in northern Illinois communities. Gov. Evers has already pledged to revisit the environmental regulation breaks that the Scott Walker administration gave Foxconn.

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On Right Wisconsin, blogger George Mitchell, a former journalist himself, lectures the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for unfairly singling out the "religious views" of conservative Supreme Court candidate Judge Brian Hagedorn when two of its reporters wrote about Hagedorn's comments about gay marriage. Let's see if they do the same for other candidates, he declares.

In an editorial, the Beloit Daily News presents a primer of the word "compromise," its origins and what it has meant to the discourse throughout history. The paper suggests that if we truly believe in the United States and what compromise has meant, we ought to start acting like it -- and so should our politicians.