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The conservative legal arm known as the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty posts a piece on Right Wisconsin in which two of its members, Lucas Vebber and Brian McGrath, claim that a new bill aimed at limiting the amount individuals can donate to campaigns will result in limiting free speech and is, therefore, unconstitutional.

Democurmudgeon John Peterson posts a series of stories that have emanated from the Foxconn development in Racine County and concludes that it is yet another mess that new Gov. Tony Evers has inherited from Scott Walker and will need to fix soon if Wisconsin taxpayers are to be protected.

Meanwhile, Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy has digested a huge Bloomberg News account in which reporter Austin Carr interviewed 49 people who are familiar with the Foxconn situation and concludes that the entire development is in a state of "chaos."

The Foxconn stories prompted the Beloit Daily News to editorialize in favor of taking another look at the state's Foxconn deal. It's obvious that the deal is shaping up to be a different deal than it was at the beginning, the paper notes. It urges Gov. Tony Evers to evaluate what's really in the deal that was negotiated by Scott Walker.

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One Wisconsin Now notes that Brian Hagedorn, the former law clerk for conservative justice Michael Gableman and counsel for Scott Walker who is now running for the Supreme Court himself, has received an $18,000 donation from the Wisconsin Realtors Association PAC, the same outfit that gave Gableman big bucks in his campaign and essentially wrote the court's recusal rules to benefit itself.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey notes that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the four liberal justices to stop Louisiana from implementing a new anti-abortion law that prevents doctors from performing abortions unless they have medical privileges at a nearby hospital. Some conservatives think it's necessary to keep chipping away at women's rights while others believe it's time to stand up and say no, he comments.

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