Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes the irony in the state Supreme Court charging a Racine County judge with an ethics violation.  But, they won't do anything about their own ethics flaws, he says, pointing to recently-elected justice Brian Hagedorn appearing at the State Republican Party convention last weekend and thanking the Republicans for "saving the court" by helping him get elected.

Along that line, the Racine Journal Times minces no words. It editorializes that judges shouldn't appear at political conventions -- period. Hagedorn was being over the top political thanking the Republican delegates for "saving the court." No judge, Democrat or Republican, should appear at partisan conventions. 

Two research staffers for the conservative Wisconsin Institute on Law and Liberty, blogging on Right Wisconsin, post seven ways they claim Wisconsin can lower health care costs within the existing Affordable Care Act structure. 

In a WisOpinion column, Jay Heck, director of Common Cause-Wisconsin, says Wisconsinites must continue fighting for nonpartisan redistricting. The battle isn't over, he says, despite the action by Republicans on the Legislature Joint Committee on Finance to remove nonpartisan redistricting from the budget. It can still be introduced at some point on the floor, he reminds readers. Never surrender, he adds. 

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Kelly Ruh, the 8th Congressional District's Republican chair, also writes on WisOpinion contending that Wisconsin needs to get rid of NAFTA, which she describes, like Donald Trump, as a terrible deal for the U.S. She claims that the new Mexican/Canadian trade treaty is much better, especially for Wisconsin's dairy farmers.

The liberal advocacy organization, One Wisconsin Now, says Republicans Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos need to get their stories straight about negotiating with the governor. After spending last weekend proclaiming to delegates at the GOP convention that they'll block Gov. Tony Evers' budget proposals, they have the temerity to accuse Evers of not meeting with them, OWN says.

The Janesville Gazette weighs in on the Legislature-Evers negotiating (or lack thereof) over the proposed state budget. The rhetoric about sexism isn't helping matters, the paper claims, nor is the Republicans' response to charges they don't want to deal with women on Tony Evers' staff.