The Racine Journal Times insists that the decision by the state to rush reconstruction of I-94 in Racine and Kenosha Counties has been a major contributor to the spike in crashes and frustration along the corridor this summer. The Legislature, after years of dragging its feet, decided the project needed to be rushed to accommodate the Foxconn development and now we're suffering the results, the paper editorializes.

In a guest column for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express, state Rep. Evan Goyke says it's time to end the Republican's lame duck power grab. He points to the lame duck law giving the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee power to ratify or deny lawsuit settlements by the attorney general. The law is so poorly written and poorly thought out that it's unworkable, he insists.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen, a constant critic of allowing hunters to train their dogs in areas where wolves are located, calls attention to the 20th hunting hound killed by wolves since July 1 and the owners are eligible for $2,500 in compensation from the DNR. We're nearly halfway to the record 41 hunting dogs killed in 2016, he points out.

Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy complains that the state is helping fund a murky pro-life group. He wonders what exactly "Choose Life Wisconsin" does with the taxpayer money it receives. Noting the two Republican legislators are proposing giving the group $500,000 to distribute in grants to pregnancy centers around the state, Murphy wonders why the state doesn't directly fund the centers without using an unaccountable intermediary to do so.

The right-wing think tank MacIver Institute presents a guest blog on its site today. Milwaukee rightie talk show host Dan O'Donnell chastises the city government for seeking permission to levy a one percent sales tax to supplement Milwaukee's financial needs. He claims these are the same people who complain about income inequality and then turn around and propose a tax that falls on the poor.

Will Flanders, the research director for the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty posts a column on Right Wisconsin about the new book "Why Meadow Died" by Andrew Pollack, who lost a daughter at the Parkland school shooting. Flanders said the book makes clear that lax discipline at the school contributed to the tragedy.

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