Business blogger John Torinus says Wisconsin should be making big bets on the state's "FIRE" clusters — finance, insurance and real estate. These Wisconsin sectors have continued to grow the state's economy and need as much help to keep going as we can provide them, he blogs.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman says that Gov. Tony Evers deserves to be criticized for the picture he issued on International Women's Day in March showing the large number of women working in his administration. What many noticed, though, was there was not a black face among them and he quickly came under fire for his lack of diversity. Some black women compared Evers' photo to the one former Rep. Paul Ryan issued of his staff, again all white faces and overwhelmingly male. 

WisOpinion posts an excerpt from Peter Annin's book "Great Lakes Water Wars" on the eve of Earth Day and Gov. Tony Evers' insistence that the Foxconn contract with the state needs to be reviewed because of recent changes in plans the corporate giant has for the state.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen, meanwhile, insists there are four questions that Foxconn's cost and liability have raised. Among them are key environmental issues, he points out, including the diversion of water from Lake Michigan and the effect on air quality which have long been a mystery, he adds. 

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In a column that appears in the Superior Telegram, former Wisconsin governor and secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson says that streamlining drug approvals can help lower treatment costs. He applauds the FDA's new policy allowing "adaptive trial designs" that can bring new drugs to patients who need them much faster.

Chris Rochester of the right-wing MacIver Institute complains in a blog that Tony Evers continues to ban the institute from press briefings and office emails. He says an attorney has contacted the office and will file suit if necessary, contending that the journalists at the institute are being denied their First Amendment rights.