Columnist Bill Kaplan, in a WisOpinion post, asks if Republicans support expanding Medicaid. Indeed they do, he answers, pointing to a recent poll by the Kaiser Health group that shows 55 percent of people who identify as Republican believe in state's accepting expansion. That's why eight GOP governors have done so, he says, but inexplicably Wisconsin GOP legislators refuse.

Right-wing West Bend Daily News columnist Owen Robinson headlines his latest piece, "It's the spending, stupid." He claims that Scott Walker made some inroads on what he considers the state's notoriously high taxes, but now he believes legislative Republicans are backsliding. He's upset that the GOP-controlled Joint Finance Committee voted to add education dollars and more money for transportation.

The Racine Journal Times is enamored with the University of Wisconsin's idea to make the state the "Silicon Valley of Water." The fresh water collaborative requires about $10 million in this year's state budget and the paper editorializes that the Legislature get busy and approve its inclusion in the budget.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey praises Wisconsin Rapids for pushing to enact an anti-bullying ordinance. The city council is expected to vote tonight on the proposal that would require parents to discipline their children who are found to be bullies.

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Should Donald Trump promoter Kellyanne Conway stay or go? asks Ed Heinzelman on Blogging Blue. Yes, she's violated the Hatch Act by politicking while holding a civil service job and should be fired as the law provides. But, don't expect Trump to obey, he adds.

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this statue. Mr. lieutenant governor, pay yer taxes!" proclaims Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska. He says he's having fun insulting as many people as possible.