Political Environment blogger James Rowen accuses Wisconsin Republicans of dithering on gun safety legislation. Tongue-in-cheek, Rowen notes how busy and safety conscious politicians like Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald and Ron Johnson have been that they just don't have time to consider legislation that would bring Wisconsin up to speed with many other states.

The Janesville Gazette urges it readers to use caution when purchasing CBD. The paper says the nearby village of Fontana is doing the right thing in requiring the product to be sold from behind the counter a stores, not available to all on shelves because there are too many concerns about its ingredients.

The blog Right Wisconsin is in a tither over the Racine County register of deeds posting a Democratic Party event on the county's official website. Right Wisconsin called out the posting and it was immediately taken down. The register of deeds, an appointee of Gov. Tony Evers, claims it was an honest mistake on her part.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska comments the Madison police union for "finally showing some spine" in protesting Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway's criticism of the police before an investigation into an incident was completed. Blaska still can't believe that the cops' union endorsed Rhodes-Conway in this spring's mayoral election.

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State Sen. Patty Schachtner, a Somerset Democrat, says that clean water is a deliberate public policy choice. In a column that appears on WisOpinion, Schachtner points to the alarming contaminated water in several parts of Wisconsin and blames policy choices that were made in the past, including budget cuts and lax DNR environmental enforcement.

Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson is wondering whether the referendum to increase funding for Milwaukee schools will pass and then asks if it should. Data show the measure has a good chance, especially in the expected high turnout in April of 2020, but opponents will have plenty of ammunition to contend that Milwaukee schools already have enough money.

They weren't rapists, or drug dealers, or human trafficers, blogs Ed Heinzelman on Blogging Blue, yet Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounded up 680 people who just might be illegal immigrants last week. They were all people with jobs, paying taxes and working hard, so ICE decided they needed to be arrested, he adds.