The Racine Journal Times likes a bill that would give volunteer first responders, firefighters, ambulance drivers and others a $1,500 tax credit for what they do. They're the ones who run toward danger, not away from it, the paper notes in an editorial championing the bill.

Madison's rightie blogger says he doesn't have a chance, but he's applied for the vacancy on the School Board nevertheless. But, if the board doesn't appoint him to take Mary Burke's place for the year and a half, it should pick Kaleem Caire, he argues. He doesn't like much, he says, about former board member Ed Hughes, who has thrown his hat in the ring as well.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen comments on what he calls the incredible shrinking Foxconn job numbers. We were told by former Gov. Scott Walker there would be 13,000 jobs, he says — now it appears initial figures will be around 1,500. Which leads us all to wonder, he adds, whether we needed to pump $250 million into rebuilding I-94, which has become a death trap for many.

Fond du Lac County Republican chairman Rohn Bishop, in a WisOpinion column, contends that Wisconsin needs another four years of Donald Trump's economic policies — minus the tariffs. He credits Wisconsin's low unemployment to Trump, but says he's worried about trade wars that the tariffs might bring.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman underscores the Trump tariffs' impact, citing a Wisconsin manufacturing firm that's closing in Wisconsin because of what the tariffs have done to its costs. It's moving to Brazil, he says — the exact opposite of what Trump claims his tariffs would do. 

One Wisconsin Now claims that Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly has warned Wisconsin to beware of Justice Dan Kelly. The liberal advocacy group notes Kelly has given a speech telling people to be wary of judges who feel the need to make laws. OWN cites examples of how Kelly himself has used his judicial opinions to make laws.

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