The Beloit Daily News notes that the new Illinois law to legalize pot will have a significant impact at the Wisconsin border and the cities of Beloit and South Beloit will be right in the middle of it. The paper urges officials to start planning for it now.

We Energies needs to leave solar panel owners alone, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. The southeastern Wisconsin utility giant wants to charge the homeowners and businesses that have installed panels to cut their utility bills a monthly fee based on the kilowatts they're generating from the panels. The paper says that stinks. 

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson says he's had it with GOP arguments that taxpayer dollars be diverted to private religious choice schools. They'll complain about using taxpayer dollars for everything from replacing lead pipes in Milwaukee to reproductive rights, but tell those of us who are abhorred by certain religious teachings to get lost when we complain, he points out.  

Raise the gas tax already, writes Ed Heinzelman on Blogging Blue. He says he can't understand the opposition to the gas tax — is it the word "tax?" Republican want to raise fees instead, but isn't a fee another word for tax?, he asks. Besides, a gas tax affects all users, including those out of state, while a fee is shouldered only by Wisconsin taxpayers. 

Nevertheless, some budget hawks in the state Senate think the GOP-dominated Joint Finance Committee's transportation plan, even without the gas tax is still too lavish, according to the MacIver Institute's M.D. Kittle on Right Wisconsin.  

Political Environment blogger James Rowen complains that the pro-Foxconn diversion ruling weakens the Great Lakes Compact. He calls a judge's ruling to allow diverting Lake Michigan water to the Racine County site "very regrettable." Foxconn's private interest is now equal to the public interest, he maintains. 

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