Even old movies knew America better than Trump does, writes Dominique Paul Noth on his blog, Dom's Domain. He describes, in a glimpse at the Hollywood of old, that even the right-wing producers had to acknowledge the changing American culture and the acceptance of American values, something that Donald Trump is trying to destroy.

In a column that appears on WisOpinion, Tim Size, executive director of Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, contends that our public and private spaces have become infected with a culture of contempt. If we are going to change things, we need to relearn how to productively talk about our differences instead of attacking "the other side," he insists.

Republican state lawmakers have joined the media blame game, writes Alan Talaga in Isthmus. Citing the Jimmy Anderson incident with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Rep. Dan Feyen squabble with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Talaga writes that the Trump administration's disparaging of the media has found its way into state level politics here in Wisconsin.

Citing recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman claims that 500,000 American jobs just went missing. The blogger notes that the BLS has revised its job growth statistics the past two years which shows that the reports of monthly job growth was vastly overstated.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen writes that a tepid Congress is enabling the Trump peril. He cites the many Trump absurdities that he says are bringing America down and proclaiming himself as the Messiah. Congress' timidity to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump is going to harm the country, he adds.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska writes today why progressive has become a dirty word. He claims that its advocates have made the term synonymous with intolerant and fueled by double standards.

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