The Racine Journal Times believes that those who employ undocumented workers should also be prosecuted under the nation's immigration laws. People wouldn't illegally come north if they didn't know they will be hired by a company that will welcome them, the paper points out.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman is wondering whether Donald Trump is out to bankrupt Social Security. He notes that Trump is suddenly contemplating cutting payroll taxes — the ones that pay for Social Security and Medicare — in an effort to bolster the economy, which he consistently insists is the best ever in American history.

Writing on the Badger Institute blog, Ken Taylor of Kids Forward and Julie Grace of the institute say that dental therapy would provide access to the many Wisconsinites who lack dental care. Because many dentists refuse to participate in Medicaid, many children from poor families receive no care, leading to other health problems. By allowing dental therapists to provide care, the state could begin to tackle the problem, they claim.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy complains that the flip-flop by the EPA to now OK the "Back 40 Project" mine along the Wisconsin-Michigan border along Lake Michigan is a huge threat to state waters. The EPA initially opposed the mine as too dangerous, but has now suddenly given its blessing. No secret, he adds, that EPA's District 5, which did the flip-flop, is now headed by Scott Walkers' former DNR secretary, Cathy Stepp.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes that two more hunting dogs have been thrown to the wolves and the expected DNR payout for the animals is now more than $800,000. Yet the state continues to sanction the practice of taking hunting hounds to the wild to find wolves, a sick and inhumane practice he adds.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska contends that the left is now using the First Amendment to deny free speech. He cites a recent piece in the Nation magazine which decries attempts to shut down protests on college campuses and elsewhere aimed at white nationalists. Blaska sees this as an attempt to stop speech the left doesn't like.

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