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The Wisconsin right-wing think tank the MacIver Institute extols the Scott Walker years, which it claims was an unprecedented time of reform and taxpayer victories. M.D. Kittle insists that Walker will be best remembered for Act 10, for which the governor endured everything from spit to hate and threats to his and his family's lives for challenging the status quo and fixing the state budget for years to come.

In a  column posted on WisOpinion column, state Rep. Katrina Shankland, a Stevens Point Democrat, insists that the recently completed lame-duck session orchestrated by the Legislature's Republican leadership is going to wind up costing state taxpayers, not to mention our democracy.

The GOP's lame-duck efforts generated national headlines and now Americans nationwide see Wisconsin Republicans as “crooked,” “power-grabbing,” “self-serving” and “sore losers," writes Democratic state Sen. Janis Ringhand of Evansville, explaining why Republicans didn't do themselves much favor with the lame-duck session.

Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson insists that data generated by the Nov. 6 election shows that gerrymandering is alive and well in Wisconsin. The results showed Dems winning 54 percent of the legislative vote, but failing to make a dent in the Republican-controlled Assembly and Senate. That's done by "packing" Dems in blue areas of the state, leaving the rest safe Republican seats, he explains.

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Business blogger John Torinus suggests that the way to avoid gridlock in Wisconsin, which we are sure to get with the governor's office and Legislature controlled by different parties, is to allow for "direct democracy," where voters themselves can enact laws via referendum. He explains how.

Scott Walker's decision, in the waning days of his governorship, to use his powers as governor to send $25 million in taxpayer money to corporate conglomerate Kimberly-Clark to save some 380 jobs in Neenah, is described by Political Environment blogger James Rowen as Republican hypocrisy that knows no bounds.

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