Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy comments on Donald Trump's pick of former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for a seat on a prestigious Smithsonian Institute's board of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, which bills itself as a gathering place for some of the world's best scholars. Murphy is wondering how Walker, a college droput who spend nearly eight years cutting university budgets, qualifies.

In a piece for Milwaukee's Shepherd Express, Democratic state Rep. Gordon Hintz describes Republican economics as more money for millionaires, less for schools. He accuses his legislative GOP colleagues of ignoring long-term investment in the state to help future generations of Wisconsinites.

Former Wisconsin Libertarian Party president Jim Maas notes the call-up this week of Eau Claire area National Guard troops for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Maas points out that libertarians believe that activating Guard troops for foreign war duty is unconstitutional.

Dominique Paul Noth, on his blog Don's Domain, wonders how far left is too left? The answer, he says, is that it might depend a lot on where you live. He describes the differences among many states in the U.S. and talks about the dilemma on finding the right candidate who can turn out voters to beat the Donald Trump backers.

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Milwaukee right-wing radio host Dan O'Donnell, in another guest posting on the MacIver Institute's blog complains that Gov. Tony Evers is inventing new ways to spend money. He's upset with the partial veto that increased state spending on schools and demands that it be outlawed via a constitutional amendment.

Congress much assert its powers under the Constitution above the president, says Chris Walker on his blog, Political Heat. He says that a recent bipartisan effort in the House to amend the National Defense Authorization Act is a good start at Congress making it clear that only it can authorize going to war.