Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy discusses the escalation of CEO pay in today's column. Their pay, for instance, has escalated by an astounding 940 percent since 1978 while the average American workers' pay has increased by 12 percent. He pushes the idea of taxing CEOs more or paying them less for the better of the American economy.

Wisconsin needs gun leadership from Republicans, comments Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey. He notes a response from Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to a question about expanded background checks. Fitzgerald said that wouldn't sit well with his Republican constituents. What's needed is action based on what's best for people, not fears about the next election, he adds.

But, West Bend News' conservative columnist Owen Robinson doesn't believe new laws will stop the mass shootings that are plaguing the country. It's a cultural problem caused by hate and remorse. He suggests we start loving one another to change all this.

Writing another guest column for the MacIver Institute, Milwaukee right-wing radio host Dan O'Donnell hammers away at Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, whose lack of character is evident because of the lies he tells. He accuses the media of protecting him by not making a bigger deal of his claiming to graduate from college when he actually didn't and other incidents.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal insists that Robin Vos and the Wisconsin GOP are still being complete jerks toward paralyzed Democratic representative, Jimmy Anderson. He adds that Vos is as sick and deranged as they come.

In the path to fascism, Donald Trump now wants to censor the internet, complains Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson. That and attempts by state Republicans to suppress dissent on public campuses is all aimed at protecting right-wing fascism and racism, he insists.

The U.S. Senate needs to finish the job on legislation to control prescription drug prices, says the Racine Journal Times. The paper bemoans the fact that Sens. Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin can't agree on a single issue, but they should get together on holding down drug prices.

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