Like it or not, cashless stores are coming, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. The paper comments that while some consumers are rebelling against stores that won't take good, old American cash, the writing's on the wall, so get used to it.

Two of the Wisconsin Legislature's more conservative senators, Tom Tiffany and Duey Stroebel, team up on a column that is running in WisOpinion, to decry Wisconsin's much ballyhooed stewardship program as a hidden tax on the state's citizens. The two, not noted for their environmental views, claim the program, begun by Republican Warren Knowles and fostered by Democrat Gaylord Nelson, has bought too much land and we can't afford it.

Kelly Ruh, the Republican chair in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District, is fired up by Donald Trump's appearance in Green Bay last weekend. In a column that also appears on WisOpinion, Ruh claims that Trump has delivered on the promises he made to the state in 2016 and deserved the plaudits of the cheering people in the Resch Center.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes that the "popcorn maker," Rowen's description of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, has expanded his staff to 14 on the taxpayers' dime. Rowen adds that the latest hire to what by legislative standards is a huge staff, is another former Scott Walker staffer.

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Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman finds it amusing that Donald Trump is still blaming his immigration woes on Democrats. He's been in office for more than two years and for the first two his part was in complete control of the presidency and Congress, yet couldn't pass immigration reform. Perhaps he ought to start blaming himself for a change, the blogger adds. 

Blogger Michael Leon says that Wisconsin is Bernie Sanders' country. He says that he will guarantee that Sanders will take next spring's Wisconsin presidential primary despite shenanigans by the regular state Democrats to stop him from doing so.