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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy contends that Wisconsin taxpayers are making the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers rich. He cites the recent Forbes Magazine story that shows how much both franchises value grew after getting taxpayer help to build new stadiums.

USA Today-Wisconsin citizen columnist Casey Hoff, in a piece that appears in the Sheboygan Press, comes down in favor of the pending bill to allow judges to expunge charges against persons involved in a crime if they ask for it and the judge agrees. He insists it will give many people a second chance in getting a new start on life without a cloud hanging over their head.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says we'll know if Scott Walker is really chairing Donald Trump's Wisconsin 2020 campaign if he introduces Trump when he visits Green Bay at the end of next week. Rowen says that isn't likely to happen. 

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman writes that he will pity the fool who takes former Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's course that he's scheduled to teach next year at the University of Notre Dame.  Among Ryan's topics, he notes, is economics. Sorry, the blogger says, but Ryan has proven he knows very little about the subject.

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Blogger John Peterson jumps on the same topic. On his Democurmudgeon blog, Peterson says it's no joke that Ryan has been tabbed to teach about economics and Catholicism at Notre Dame. Here's the guy who left behind a ballooning national debt and a huge budget deficit, he notes.