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Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy explains how the Bradley Foundation and the Koch brothers have essentially bought a University of Wisconsin-Madison economics institute. He details the donations from right-wingers to a new Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy that will be run by an economics professor who's a huge fan of Scott Walker.

Also in an Urban Milwaukee column, business blogger John Torinus wonders if the Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates will duck the big issues in next year's campaign. He thinks that two issues neither Scott Walker nor his Democratic opponent are likely to tackle are health care and reorganization of the University of Wisconsin. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Christian Schneider writes that the least we need to do in the aftermath of Las Vegas is to regulate the sale of "bump stocks," the devices that allow a semi-automatic rifle to fire like an automatic. Even gun enthusiasts need to agree to that, he adds. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska is all over the U.S. Supreme Court's hearing earlier this week over the constitutionality of Wisconsin's gerrymandered redistricting. He predicts the court will uphold the Republican maps and proclaims that when you can't win elections, you sue the system -- a dig at the Democrats who have challenged the way the districts were drawn. 

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But Political Environment blogger James Rowen insists that the gerrymandered elections have already done great damage in the state. He goes into great detail explaining how.  

Writing in Milwaukee's Shepherd Express, Analiese Eicher of One Wisconsin Now says that Scott Walker's advice on student loans last year to "call a bank" wasn't a solution last year, nor is it now. Despite supposed help from some bank plans, Wisconsin student debt continues to grow, she writes, and no real solutions are in sight.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal wasn't impressed with House Speaker Paul Ryan's response on the Las Vegas shootings. When asked about gun control and, specifically, a bill that's pending to make it easier to buy silencers, Ryan changed the subject to taxes or, as Liebenthal says, tax cuts for the rich.